MANDALA (2017)

One can grasp Mandala from many perspectives - first, as music from the heart and as flow. But beyond these concepts we all naturally understand, it can also be grasped on a higher level of complexity, via intellect and under a microscope. One could then notice layers of detail, rhythmic and harmonic textures, various percolating genres and free improv expression.
The album is the product of the cumulative experience of the musicians that comprise Algorhythm. Musicians whose roots stem from work with well known performers such as Leszek Możdżer, Tymon Tymański and Sławek Jaskułke – as well as committed work on their own projects. Mandala is therefore the product of musical, as well as personal explorations of the
collective’s members.

The album’s title is tied to the tibetan monks’ tradition of mandalas – layered, gossamer designs of colored sand, cast on a circle within a square. Their subsequent destruction is meant to remind one of the ever-changing nature of things. In this way, the band indicates their readiness for change, the destruction of their own efforts to build compositions.
Mandala is the fruit of a winter recording session in Monochrom studio located in wilderness among mountains. It was mixed at Bass Hit Studio in New York City by Grammy winning engineer
Dave Darlington (Wayne Shorter’s Alegria, Madonna’s Erotica).

"This is European Jazz at its best, bursting with talent, ideas and courage to explore rather than imitate, which of course is what great music is all about. It makes me very happy to see the quintet to make such a giant step forward and I hope to catch them on stage soon. In the meantime hats off!"

Adam Baruch

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